emerse design co. is requiring all current and new clients to complete the following form. We take ADA Compliance seriously and believe it is important when having a professional website in our diverse and ever-changing world.

You must confirm or deny the implementation of our chosen ADA Compliance software. We have chosen to partner with accessiBe as they not only have created a nearly hands-off tool but will also support clients legally if actions are taken. If you need more info, click here.

emerse design co. is simply protecting itself from potential legal action by website users claiming any lack of ADA Compliance in websites built or maintained by us (emerse design co.).

We thank you for taking the time to complete the following form. We are leaving it completely up to you to confirm or deny this service but we must have an answer on file so we can prove we took every action possible to protect our clients and ourselves.


Michael Murphy
Owner - emerse design co.

ADA Compliance Confirmation

ADA Compliance Confirmation

The following form is required for all current and new emerse design co. clients.

Do you accept or deny the implementation of accessiBe's ADA Compliance software being added to your website by emerse design co.?
How would you like to pay for your accessiBe subscription?
$490 - charged annually. Free installation by emerse design co.
By signing above, I hereby acknowledge and completely understand my choice to Deny the implementation of accessiBe's ADA Compliance software on my company's website by emerse design co.