Your New Website, Only Free!

Know what rhymes with Shine & Design? Free. Well it doesn’t. But everybody likes free. Due to the challenges of COVID-19, for a limited time we will be taking on web clients and building free websites. We only ask that you pay for your hosting with emerse design co. to maintain your website.

The Background

emerse design co. has been building websites in the Grand Valley since 2011. We build top-notch websites for small businesses ranging from small mom & pop shops, to large hemp operations and law offices. Basically, you know you are getting a solid website that your company can grow and thrive with.

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The Deets

Yes there are some details to cover. We are offering up to a 5 page website from which you can build your business and grow infinitely. We only ask that you pay hosting fees to the tune of $30/month. emerse design offers extremely high end hosting at this price point. Basically, your site will be fast, secure, and easily editable for years to come. All aspects of the site will be templated in a way that adding new pages or blog posts will be nearly effortless so that the 5 page limitation above doesn’t really even matter.

Separation Fees

There will also be a small separation fee if you would like to take your site and host it elsewhere. The separation fee will be $500. This is still 1/3 of what we charge for our entry level website. This charge helps emerse design pay for the software we use to create and maintain your awesome website.

Domain Ownership

You will own your own website domain i.e. This is your website address and emerse design co. wants to keep you protected in the event that we can no longer control or acquire your site files for health or force of nature reasons. In other words, if Michael Murphy (emerse design co. owner/operator) falls off a cliff, you can still ultimately retrieve your website and move elsewhere and not lose the authority and traction your awesome website had gained to that point.

Get In Touch!

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