Hello, I'm Mike Murphy.
I'm a Graphic Designer.


Migrant Service of the Grand Valley

Child & Migrant Services of western colorado needed the ability to translate individual pages and avoid auto-translation by Google Translate. Google Translate is great, but the dialects and get a little screwy. That’s where Advanced Custom Fields & URL variables come in. The pages swap out translated information if the user selects it so and…

Designer Wood Finishes

Rick at Designer Wood Finishes needed a beautifully crafted website to highlight his cabinetry work. This website build was done without a mockup directly in the visual building software we use at emerse design co. & Melinda McCaw Media. This is a clean design that champions the craft of the client while still making a…

GJ & Clifton Kratom Bar

The Kratom Bar of Grand Junction & Clifton were in need of a site that could expand with their desire to sell their product online. We shot original photos of their Kratom and the Bar itself, reworked the logo, and built a super clean, earthy website. Stop into the Kratom Bar and pick up some…

Colorado Hemp Solutions

Colorado Hemp Solutions was an amazing client from the start. They needed an eCommerce site that could handle some pretty decent traffic. They also wanted to maintain an estate winery feel that would put them on the map for Hemp / CBD health products. This warm inviting site does just that while keeping it easy…


Kiwanis Pancake Day

The Kiwanis Club of GJ has Melinda McCaw Media do their pancake day fundraiser poster each year. I’ve been lucky enough to do the last three.

Susan Eggert

Susan Eggert was looking to freshen her brand. She wanted a clean monogram that would represent her firm. Agency work with Melinda McCaw Media

Artesian Services Inc.

Brad already had a pretty good idea of what he wanted his logo to look like, but we made it come to life. Agency work with Melinda McCaw Media

Montag Physical Therapy

Becky Montag wanted a colorful card that was cohesive to her website also done by me with Melinda McCaw Media: montagphysicaltherapy.com