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Greatland Log Homes

Greatland Log Homes had an unfinished product from a previous design company that sadly came up short. Their goal was to highlight their beautiful log home plans and make it easy for potential clients to inquire about each plan. This was a combined effort of agency work at Melinda McCaw Media and some coding expertise…

Gateway Pacific Law Group

Gateway Pacific Law Group out of Long Beach, CA wanted a website that would highlight their services and provide bilingual support with not only the website content but their ChatBot as well.

Nielson Hardwoods

Nielson Hardwoods is an awesome hardwood flooring installation company. They needed a website that would work as hard as they do and drive customers to their skilled services.

Relocating to the Grand Valley

Did a great build for Relocating to the Grand Valley. The key part of the build is a very powerful blog that captivates with imagery and maintains text legibility throughout.

Greenday Solutions

Greenday Solutions needed a new website as well as a tweak to their logo to make the brand cohesive and easier to use. We created the illustrations based on their products to give the site a very current feel and color palette.

One Of A Shine Cleaning Services

One of a shine cleaning services is a small home business in the Tampa area who needed a clean way to list services and make customer contact. The website work was completely donated under our COVID relief program earlier this year.

Sure GJ – Straight Up Real Estate

Dale Beede is a well-known local Real Estate Broker specializing in commercial properties. Straight Up Real Estate is a great new company helping individuals fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams with Commercial Property Investments. This site was created as a team effort with John Walden of Walden Web Marketing.

Bud’s Signs Website Redesign

Bud’s Signs needed to take their old static HTML website and update it to something they could run a great news/blog section out of as well as integrate intuitive forms for customer sign requests.

Moonshine Music of Grand Junction

Moonshine Music is owned by Dave Murphy (my dad) and is an easy to use website dedicated to facilitating ease of contact from prospective clients. The denim and gold color palette was a fun touch, and an upgraded logo to a more classic badge style was fitting to the Moonshine Music brand.

Migrant Service of the Grand Valley

Child & Migrant Services of western colorado needed the ability to translate individual pages and avoid auto-translation by Google Translate. Google Translate is great, but the dialects and get a little screwy. That’s where Advanced Custom Fields & URL variables come in. The pages swap out translated information if the user selects it so and…

Designer Wood Finishes

Rick at Designer Wood Finishes needed a beautifully crafted website to highlight his cabinetry work. This website build was done without a mockup directly in the visual building software we use at emerse design co. & Melinda McCaw Media. This is a clean design that champions the craft of the client while still making a…

GJ & Clifton Kratom Bar

The Kratom Bar of Grand Junction & Clifton were in need of a site that could expand with their desire to sell their product online. We shot original photos of their Kratom and the Bar itself, reworked the logo, and built a super clean, earthy website. Stop into the Kratom Bar and pick up some…

Colorado Hemp Solutions

Colorado Hemp Solutions was an amazing client from the start. They needed an eCommerce site that could handle some pretty decent traffic. They also wanted to maintain an estate winery feel that would put them on the map for Hemp / CBD health products. This warm inviting site does just that while keeping it easy…

neotreks Software Development

neotreks is a software development company who has won Apple Design awards with their iOS applications. They were in need of a fresh look to keep up with their quickly growing company. They needed to show off their portfolio with style and edgy cleanliness.

One New Venture

One New Venture happens to be right next door to and a sister company of Kush Gardens – Western Colorado’s very first legal Cannabis store. They are committed to compliance and clean, pure, as advertised products. They carry a variety of Colorado based Hemp products. Check them out in DeBeque, Colorado, and definitely visit their…

Whip Group IP

WHIP Group is a law office in Connecticut specializing in Intellectual Property cases. They run a tight blog and needed a site that would fit their start up attitude, yet maintain a professional looking and operating tool for active and prospective clients.

Runnit CNC

Runnit CNC runs a great shop in Western Colorado. They also have multiple sister companies and non-profits that benefit people in wheel chairs by providing automobile hand controls and other accessibility upgrades. This site pushed some of my coding abilities with custom shaped divs and more complicated stylings.

Mays Construction Specialties Inc.

MCSI needed a site that could organize their various services into one great archive that keeps the user involved.

Western Colorado Jr. Rangers

Western Colorado Heritage Jr. Rangers website had the challenge of creating content areas that would fit multiple levels of organization. They had a ton of information from the Western Colorado Museum to add to the site to create a great teaching resource for the valley’s educators. There was a great collaborative effort with a talented…

Dan’s Towing

Dan’s Towing has been a long time emerse design co. customer. From the time that Dan himself owned the business, I was able to help rank him for local search as well as provide an effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-find website for the towing business. Give Dan’s a call if you’re ever in need of a recovery,…

Find Your Future

Find Your Future is a multi-organization mega committee project. It consists of 7 western Colorado entities with the goal of giving our local young adults a great place to research jobs and careers while finding local events and endless resources. They too were in need of more dynamic editability. The majority of the site is…

Elevation Digital Marketing

Elevation Digital Marketing was in need of ultimate editability. It was first custom coded with ACF to give the site owner as much flexibility as possible. It wasn’t quite there so we recreated 90% of the pages & content with a visual builder. Sometimes the 2nd time’s the charm.

BOAC Colorado

BOAC Colorado is an organization uniting Colorado front range engineers. They needed a site capable of posting jobs, vendor listings, and annual events.

Depo Excavating

Dave DePorte is Depo Excavating. He was in need of a website to highlight his backhoe services and put his excavation business ahead of the competition.

ClayCo Inc.

Clayco is a family-owned and operated horizontal auger boring business. They specialize in getting utilities under highways, roads, bodies of water, and railroads while maintaining the integrity of the soil as well as grade requirements. I built their first website when I first moved to GJ in 2011 and recently gave it a refresh on…