Visual Project

Nate Elliott aka Thunderdog is a long-time musician who started up a small home business making speaker cabinets primarily for live-performance use. He needed a logo that would play on the wording and still clearly communicate music and for a lot of music/sound people the thunder(bass) is ultimately what drives the sound and the mindset with this logo was no exception. While playing with the logo I noticed a couple of word combinations happening. The Under Dog stuck out to me almost immediately and who doesn’t like to root for the underdog? I know I do. This is where the apostrophe comes into play and makes someone wonder what the true meaning is behind the branding while drawing them in to continue exploring the nuance of the design.

All in all, it turned out great and Nate was happy. It’s a fun logo and really works  well out of a 3D printer or on metal plates for fixing to speaker cabinets.

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