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My work with the Horizon Drive District led me to the introduction of Kevin, Darren, and CWI’s Office Manager Amy. Working with them was an absolute joy. Their website was with an old niche marketing firm and they needed more flexibility and a visual refresh that brought them into the 20s but something that could also stand the test of time. Our mobile-first approach still allowed us the opportunity to build a website that works excellently on phones but sings on a large screen.

The next hurdle was creating well-crafted landing pages for their top Business Insurance products. CRM integration is integral in our ever-changing digital marketing age and we did so seamlessly while still keeping a fully custom site that brings in leads and converts them to clients.

I (mike murphy) also got to do something I don’t get to do as often, photography! We did headshots of everyone in the office as well as some team photos and staged office action shots. The portraits turned out great and allowed us to build a great team bio area that doubles as a company directory. View Team Bios

Michael has been extremely attentive to al our needs and requests. Takes the time to explain to those who know little of the landscape he works in. I highly recommend him if you are needing someone to communicate in simple terms and accomplish the big tasks!
~Kevin Harrison (owner CWI)

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