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Web Project

JRJ Engineering is a new collaboration of highly skilled and experienced software engineers. With over 70 years of combined engineering experience, they have programmed medical equipment, defense, automotive/autonomous vehicles, and DevOps equipment. Their firm work portfolio and personal projects amount to nothing less than impressive. Effective, efficient embedded applications are their forte.

Their new website is a great start to supporting their new collaborative effort by posting about their work and allowing ease of contact by visitors or prospective clients.

Great work from a very talented graphic designer. Our website was created quickly and professionally. Very happy with results and communication. Would highly recommend!
~ JRJ Engineering Owner

Visual Project

With such an impressive background, the team at JRJ needed a logo that matched their abilities and communicated technology and efficiency while remaining legible and supportive of their future in the marketplace. We pinned down a 3 letter monogram symbol and a clean clear wordmark that when combined can uphold the value of their expertise.

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