Web Project

Moonshine Music is a local Grand Junction, CO area DJ who specializes in Weddings, Outdoor Events, and just about anything where you need good, clear music and announcing services. The website emerse built reflects the style of this local Emcee while being easily navigable for all ages.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Graphics are modern and easy to read. Information is all presented in an easy to find location. My site is simply far and above anything you typically would find locally, and are compatible with sites prepared by companies who would change far more for this quality of work. I HIGHLY recommend Emerse design, all the “bang” for the buck!
~Dave Murphy

Visual Project

Moonshine Music also needed a fresh new look with their logo to support the clean new design of their website. Dave loved the legibility of his new logo and was happy for the upgrade.

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