Removing headers and footers is something we try to accomplish for landing pages all of the time. Reducing distraction increases conversions. But what if you need to keep those headers and footers for products & services pages some of the time? With Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer you can very easily set variables that can be used with ad campaigns that hide headers, footers, or any other column, row, or module with this simple trick. Simply add a variable to your inbound links from Google, Facebook, or elsewhere and Beaver Themer can check the URL for these variables and hide or show content conditionally by detecting the settings you create. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s not! Don’t forget to Subscribe for more helpful videos that cover all things web design, graphic design, and marketing.

How It Works

Any inboud link can have variables added to it. The hyperlink at it’s core will still send you to the website or web page requested, but those variables can tell that web page extra things about what to do, or where you were. For example is just a simple homepage link. But if you add a variable to it it might tell items on the page some extra information. For instance The text after the “?” is the variable. The text after the “=” is the value. It’s that simple. You can name it whatever you want. In the video below ?cwi-lander=1 is how I tell the header and footer to disappear using Beaver Themer’s Conditional Logic. cwi-lander is the variable and if the value of 1 isn’t set from the inbound link, the web page will display normally. If cwi-lander is in fact set to 1, then those items on the web page will disappear for visitors who are going to that page from a Google Ad or Facebook ad link with that variable added.

Watch The Video – Remove WordPress Header / Footer with Beaver Builder + Themer using URL Variables The Easy Way

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