Remove WordPress Headers or Footers With Beaver Builder + Themer

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Removing headers and footers is something we try to accomplish for landing pages all of the time. Reducing distraction increases conversions. But what if you need to keep those headers and footers for products & services pages some of the time? With Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer you can very easily set variables that can…

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Introducing Star Nurture

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Star Nurture is a brand-new tool created by emerse design co. to help clients drive leads with little to no work on their end. Start getting better online reviews today! Visit today to get started with your company’s growth with better online reputation management from Star Nurture. Hop out of the marketing fishbowl and…

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Choosing Your Business Name

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So you just decided you want to be an entrepreneur. You have a great idea for a name and you know what you’re selling or the service you are providing. Most new businesses are enticed to name their business something that seems indicative of the area they serve. While this is the knee-jerk decision for…

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