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Entrepreneurship is tough! There are so many more things to think about other than clocking in and getting a paycheck. When you own a business, you have to think of all of those things that your employer would take care of when collecting a paycheck. Taxes, Workers Comp, Social Security, Investments, Life Insurance; not to mention Profit, taking care of your family, keeping the business afloat, the hills and valleys of your business, etc., etc. ETC!

It can be difficult to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. We have some amazing tools that we have up our sleeves that have helped us over the years.

Tips for Entrepreneurship

  1. Have a website that helps your business: whether you want contact forms, online orders, or just a place for locals to find you. We build websites that can be linked to your accounting system, that are mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized. It is important that people can find you. It is important that the systems you have in place are functional for you and your users.
  2. Profit First: We have learned a lot from this book and implement it in our business. It is the simplest way for us to:
    1. make a profit
    2. make sure we are paying ourselves appropriately
    3. save for taxes
    4. keep us from going crazy.
  3. Networking: Most of our work comes from networking. It is important to connect with people from all walks of life, not just your comfortable circle of acquaintances. Based on your business (product or service), it can really make or break your business. You can continue to sell the same product or service to the same group of clients over and over. This is not a sustainable way of growing and you need to make sure you are branching out. Ask current customers to leave you a review and share your business on their social media page. Consider joining a local networking group. We are currently a part of a local BNI Chapter which is a great way to start meeting people you otherwise might never come across.
  4. Do not try too many things at once. When you are starting out especially it is important to realize which advertising avenues are working for your business. If you start out running radio ads, Facebook ads, google ads, and digital billboard ads all at once you may not know what is getting you the most return. Try each thing out for at least 30-90 days and then try something new if it is not producing the type of return you were hoping for.

We have been doing the entrepreneur thing since 2011, and guess what? It is tough! It doesn’t always work out, sometimes it fails miserably but with the right drive, passion and tools in your metaphorical tool belt you and your business can grow!

Check out these business that we helped get started on the web, and see their testimonials.

If you are starting your entrepreneurship journey and looking for a beautifully designed branding package or website, need better hosting or maintenance options or are looking for some Local SEO to get your business on the map; we would love to help you achieve your goals. All of our designs are made with our client’s needs in mind; including being user and mobile-friendly, understanding the product or service, and of course, being visually pleasing. Find out more about becoming an emerse design client. We look forward to working with you.

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