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First Impressions are important. Whether you are interacting with a person, business, or website. In many cases, a Logo is the first impression of a business or website and it needs to put off a good vibe to your potential clients and users. As a graphic designer, I am more apt to do business with a company that has a logo that is appealing to me. Is that to say those businesses are better than others, no! But I am more likely to start there on my quest for services.

What makes a good logo?

Good logos should have the following:

  • Be legible – easy to read and understand
  • Convey your business in some way (not necessary in all cases)
  • Work in all black, all white, and lastly color (see below for why!)
  • Simplicity

What makes a bad logo?

  • Too many colors – make creating websites and marketing materials harder when there are too many colors
  • Adding your address, phone number, etc. – this is information that can be easily found on your website or marketing materials. Adding it to your logo will make it too big, and hard to read and work with
  • Having too much information or graphics – again, keep it simple. Less is more!
  • Shadows – please stop with the shadows!


A logo should always work in all-black and all-white. Whether you choose to have color added in after knowing that they work in all-black or all-white is up to you and your designer. The reason being is for 1) legibility and 2) simplicity.

Say you want to get shirts or hats or some other sort of swag made to promote your business. An all-white or all-black logo will, in most cases, look better on any color than a colorful logo that may get washed out. You will limit yourself and your business goals when you decide to go with a colorful logo that doesn’t fit your needs.

Check out some of the logos I have done

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