Content creation goes beyond just having a blog that you post to now and then. If you have a website and you want to engage your clients and consumers then you should be constantly thinking of ways to give them custom content that leads them to your website, social media, or your place of business. Coming up with ideas is not always easy and you don’t always want to be selling something to your clients. Whatever business you are in you should be able to offer engaging content that keeps your name and business in front of them without asking them to purchase anything. This is a great way to network and create referrals.

Custom Content Creation

It is important to create content that is relevant to what you do. Sometimes it’s nice to veer off and share a favorite recipe or something but for the most part, you need to keep it cohesive. Write about what you know, share info on specific products or services, especially if you are launching something new. Share your positive experiences, testimonials, and photos if you have quality images that will help get your information across.

How to Create Custom Content

  • Start with a basic idea/ideas
  • Write a cornerstone blog post that tells about you, your company, your values, and the most important things you want your clients and potential clients to know about: this should be between 900-1200 words and all of your other posts should lead back to this one
  • Write a blog post that is relevant to you/your business weekly or monthly: these should be between 300-500 words
  • Use an SEO service: we recommend Yoast SEO to help you get the most SEO out of your content – All of our websites are built with Yoast SEO installed for you to take advantage of!
  • Share your custom content: Email to your subscribers and clients, post on your social media platforms to reach more potential clients. As your SEO gets better more people will be able to find you and your business organically through google searches.

If creating custom content still feels overwhelming or you just don’t have the hours in the day to focus on it then feel free to fill out the form below for a quote. We look forward to helping your business grow. Check out what it means to become an emerse design client.

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