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Custom websites can be expensive, especially when comparing them to all these free website services that are now available. But custom websites offer you and your customers so much more. Here are a few reasons why going with a custom web design will save you so much in the end.


When using a free website service your website can end up inundated with unused software or plugins and additional content that will bog your website down. When you have a website that doesn’t load quickly or has external errors all of the time it will cost you customers and users.

A couple of months ago I was navigating through a potential client’s current website to see what they needed and because I was clicking through pages so quickly I accidentally broke their website. It went down, I tried it from different browsers, computers, and my phone and I essentially killed it. The crash was completely unintentional but that happens when a website has too many unnecessary processes or plugins running. It potentially took hours for the site to be back up and running, which means that there were hours of potential customers turning to a competitor for their product.


When going with a custom web designer you are getting just that! Custom. You aren’t getting a template that one hundred or even a thousand other companies have used for their websites. You are paying for design time and a custom look that fits specifically with what you have in mind and with your branding. We believe the look of your business should be cohesive across all avenues; including logos, signage, marketing materials, and of course your website.


We’ve spent years and years becoming educated in web design beyond the foundation having a BFA in Graphic Design. We are constantly learning and getting accustomed to new trends and services in web design and development. When using a custom web designer you are getting a real live human who specializes in web design. We know what works, what may not work, the attitudes and needs of users, and how to bring it all together to design a website that is visually pleasing and functional for both the client and their customers.

Additionally, we’re easy to get ahold of. We offer training for every client so you can make basic changes and updates when needed. If you get stuck though or just want someone else to take care of it for you then we are here to help! We offer inexpensive monthly retainer programs to be available for our clients.

Maintenance + Hosting

As a custom web design company, we offer complete routine monthly maintenance on our sites. This keeps all of your plugins, backups, and WordPress core files up to date; so if something should happen your site will be safe!

Our hosting packages are also safe and secure and you pay for your very own protected server when you host with us. You won’t be sharing it with ten or twenty or one hundred other websites; making it safe for your company and your customers.

If you are still on the fence on whether or not to go custom then check out what it means to become an emerse design client. Feel free to request a quote today!

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