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Having good website photography sets the tone for your entire custom build, your business, and your success. Have you ever gone to a website or Facebook marketplace and the pictures are so bad that you move on immediately? We have, frequently. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is if the way it is perceived is negative. That’s why it is so important to show off your goods and services with good photography.

It is always preferable to have your photos professionally taken. Especially if you are showcasing products. Product shots and staged photos are ideal to be able to show your customers that you are professional and serious about what you do.

When designing a new website, good photography can help with the entire design as well. If you are starting off with beautiful images we can use those images to style your website, business cards, brochures, etc. When you have nothing to work with or bad photos then the design of the website might lack some of the integrity that your business is wanting through getting a custom website.

Know what you want to show

Knowing what you want your website to showcase through photography will make the whole process easier and land you with a finished product that you will be proud of. Knowing exactly what you want your customers to see and take from your website will help the design layout and your web designer understand what is most important to you and your business.

Check out the Kratom Bar website that we designed last year. They have some beautiful photography of their product. We were able to capture some great product shots in addition to what they had provided to us. The website is custom and high-end and showcases their products beautifully.

Another website that we have had the pleasure of building is Hitched In CO. They have provided professional shots that make their users excited and inspired as soon as they get to the homepage.

If you are looking for a great photographer to do product or service shots for your website then we can send you some contact information for who we like to work with. Find out more about becoming an emerse design client. We look forward to working with you.

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