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We’ve known the owners of Absolute Prestige Limo and Ranch for almost a decade. They offer a solid transportation service with limos, party buses, horse and carriage, hummers, and well you get the point. They offer amazing service with top-of-the-line, clean, and well-cared-for transportation.

A couple years ago they decided to venture into the event venue space because they had an amazing property to offer to the world. With this, came the need to rebrand with a fresh look that incorporated their limousine service and their ranch; including a new website.

Brand Refresh

When working with already established clients it’s important for them not to lose what they have already built. You don’t want to create something so new that your current customers don’t know that it’s still you. Rebranding or refreshing needs to incorporate what you’ve done well over the past and freshen it up with a new current look. Ideally, your old customers will like that you are staying current and modern and new customers will find your business progressive.

Absolute Prestige Limo and Ranch had been calling itself AP Limos for years. So we went with that and created a logo with a scripted AP and a grill in the middle. We wanted it to represent a vehicle but also look really good on print, signs, etc.

Oftentimes, clients will want to include an address or phone number but a logo should stand on its own. It should be a representation of your product or service and should be easily recognizable. Think about the Nike swoop or the Under Armour UA logo. These are recognized across the globe without any extra text needed.


Creating Absolute Prestige’s website was fun because they offer a lot of services and had some great photos and content to work with already. We wanted to create something beautiful to really show off their gorgeous fleet of vehicles and their beautiful event space. Creating a services section and a place where customers could reserve a limo and the event space for their needs was a must! Creating these areas on the website helps streamline their business and keeps them organized.

Website Maintenance and Updated

After the build was finished and live, Absolute Prestige Limo and Ranch opted in for the monthly maintenance and update service that we offer to our clients. This makes it easier for them to send us their changes, service specials, and events without having to spend too much of their own precious time worrying about the website. Including maintenance and updating the website itself, the plugins, and making sure everything is running smoothly on a monthly basis.


Absolute Prestige Limo and Ranch also needed some new brochures to hand out at the many events that they attend. We created a simple double sided rack card which offered basic information on what they offer and how to get in touch. The beautiful photography provided helped make it a simple job.

Rack Card Mock - Set Your Date 970.858.8500 Luxury Transportation, Outdoor Venue, Horse Drawn Carriages, Corporate Occasions, Art & Wine Tours, Distillery & Brewery Tours

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