Hitched In CO website mockup on desktop and mobile

We’ve been with Hitched In CO, formerly Hitched In GJ, from the beginning! We built their first website from the ground up and have since rebuilt their website numerous times as they have grown and as their needs have changed. Hitched In CO is a Colorado based online wedding directory that serves couples and vendors alike in planning weddings in Colorado. They started on the Western Slope and have since expanded to all of Colorado, focusing on the more rural areas of Colorado.

What makes Hitched In CO so wonderful? The imagery to start. The photos showcased on the website are from professionals, showing off their work and advertising what they do best! It makes it so much easier to create something beautiful when the images are already beautiful.

The Logo

Hitched In CO was looking for something simple that could stand on it’s own. We created a simple and elegant look for them with the “O” in CO looking like a cute little engagement ring. This image looks great on it’s own, and can be used as a favicon and app icon as well.

Hitched In CO logo, white with pantone 2020 color of the year blue background

The Website

Hitched In CO is one of the most intensive builds we have done to date. It has many different elements and has many pages which make it a large custom build. They showcase different areas, different types of vendor services, digital downloads and a blog. There are many different forms involved in this website as well. Event registrations, contacting vendors, uploading profiles, becoming members, etc. Forms are a great way to enhance your website and give it a professional feel. A well functioning and styled form is even better.

Business Cards + Brochures

Because Hitched In CO is based on being an inspirational website for couples planning their wedding, it was important to make the business cards and brochures look visually appealing too. One side is a professional photo and the back side has basic contact information. Remember, it’s better to not share too much on a business card or brochure because you want potential clients to reach out to you for more information. Check out our blog on Business Card Design.

Hitched In CO Business Cards Mocked up for Heather Murphy

Check out Hitched In CO here!

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